Nexus6 Lollipop Firmware & Flashing Guide

Install Drivers

Note:If driver already installed no need to install again.

Adb & fastboot 1 click Driver Download

Note: Before flash unlock yur bootloader after flash complete lock bootloader commds below

fastboot oem unlock
fastboot oem lock

Firmware Download

Nexus 6 International

Nexus 6 5.0 (LRX21O) Factory firmware
Nexus 6 5.0.1 (LRX22C) Factory firmware
Nexus 6 5.1.0 (LMY47I) Factory firmware
Marshmallow 6.0.0 (MRA58K)

Nexus 6 (T-Mobile ONLY)

Nexus 6 5.1.0 (LMY47M) Factory firmware
Nexus 6 5.1.1 (LYZ28E) Factory firmware

Nexus 6 (Sprint ONLY)

Nexus 6 5.1.1 (LMY47Z) Factory firmware

Flasing Guide

* Extract the firmware zip 1st

* After Extract yu vil get a single file

* Change tat files extension .tar or .rar (if change as rar use 7zip to extract it)

* Again extract it after change the Extension yu vil get files below given in the picture.

* Connect yur mob in fastboot mode

* Run the flash-all.bat

Rooting Guide Only for version 5.0

Root File For Nexus 6


* Enable usb debugging

* Settings Developer options > Enable OEM unlock

* Boot the Nexus 6 into bootloader mode via adb or hardware buttons
(press and hold Volume Down and Power buttons until
Fastboot/Bootloader menu and START icon appear on the screen).

* Connect the Nexus device to computer via USB cable.

*Unzip the file on your computer.
For Windows: Run the root-windows.bat file.

Note: Before if not boot-loader unlocked it will unlock your boot-loader so take backup all files

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