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[size=12pt]After flashing the latest E5577s/Cs series with usbloader; the device display white screen of dead with apparently no view than white plan screen.[/size]

Please use the latest OEM or Unlock without test point solution for the E5577s and all related variances[/size]


[size=12pt]1. To fix the white screen of dead; flash latest firmware 21.328 or preferrable 21.329 firmware of the particular supported variance firmware

2. The file link below supports E5577s, Cs and Ds this means E5577s-321, E5577Cs-321 and E5577Ds-321 with white screen after usbloader flash

3. Flash the file; Run setup to flash firmware via usb mode

4. Display should be fixed and back to normal [/size]

Thanks to Metal-01***
Credit to badalapps***

Prepared by Team DMT


Decrypt Key in attachment

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